About me

Hi, My name is Antoni Cagninacci, I am French, I was born in Perigueux in 1986, I grew up in France.

I started drawing young using mostly pencils or markers. In this time, I would spend days in my room focusing on the drawings, everytime expecting a better finish result. I mostly made sketches of characters animals, dinosaurs ....

I slowly dropped the pen about 12/13 years old as I had to experience other sides of life.

I finished school at 18 years old having a carpenter diploma in hand and knowing that I didn't want to lock myself doing that job forever.

I started working but couldn't stick to the same job in the same place for long enjoying too much a nomad life, often sleeping in a campervan accumulating experience in different jobs either for companies or selling stuffs on the market, making temporary tattoos along the beach throughout the summertime.

It is during a night market in Biscaross on the West Cost that I saw for the first time someone using spray cans on glossy paper, painting about space. I liked it straight away even though details were missing. I knew I was going to try it out someday.

In 2013 I decided to fly to Australia. I landed in Perth in 2014 and started working travelling, and learning English. I visited some countries in South Asia and after 2 years I ended up in Sydney having an opportunity to embrance a career of carpenter in the best construction company of it's kind which made me realise that I was arriving to a point where I had to definitly choose a direction between getting enrold in this company working for someone else's dream for a safe and reliable life or to begin learning how to paint and follow that path.

That is when I decided to learn painting by myself. I chose spray cans as main tool inspired by spray paint art that I used to watch online. I moved in Yogyakarta artistic city of Java Island in Indonesia where I set up a painting studio. I got started in September 2017, finding out how to master the tools and play with light and shadow took me a few weeks and I enjoyed each step of the proscess while getting better.

Also, I quickly noticed that there was a huge potential in improving the details by giving up certain tricks from the spray paint art which are made for a quick result, and adopting other ways to paint. Painting more realistic whilst I kept on sticking to the style that drove me ahead.

My first collection "Beyond the Clouds" was made end of 2017 beginning of 2018 when time and place are forgotten and where light and shadow are fighting each others to take over the canvas.

Inspired by space, planets, travel, time, sunsets, sunrises, skies made of artificial clouds, this collection taught me that there is shadow only because the room is illuminated and we should indeed start a painting with a full black colored canvas as there is nothing without light.

I hope you will enjoy my work and wish you all the best. You can contact me for any question.




Thanks regards Antoni Cagninacci